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Dotora Dziekiewicz-Pilich

Born on June 25, 1969, in Szczecinek, she graduated from the Poznań Academy of Fine Arts in 1993, receiving a diploma in sculpture in the class of prof. Józef Kopczyński.

Individual sculpture and drawing exhibitions:

1994- "Art Galeria" in Szczecinek;
1995- "P." Gallery in Pruszków;
- the Radziejowice Palace;
1996- "Zamek" Gallery in Ostróda;
1997- Fryderyk, music, space - "Zapiecek" Gallery in Warsaw;
- the One Night Exhibition "Fryderyk, music, space" - the foyer of Sala Kongresowa in Warsaw;
1998- "The Fryderyk Faces" - "Zapiecek" Gallery in Warsaw;
- - the One Night Exhibition "The Fryderyk Faces" - the foyer of Sala Kongresowa in Warsaw;
2001- "Child" - Bergen op Zoom /Holland/;
- - "Zapiecek" Gallery in Warsaw.
2003- the Art Palace in Kraków;
- Witold Hulewicz Award - "Dom Literatury" in Warsaw;

Collective exhibitions:

1996 - "Sculpture in Public and Private Space" - "Galeria Domu Artysty Plastyka" in Warsaw;
1998 - "To Your Neighbour..." - an exhibition and auction for the benefit of the St Albert Goodwill Society - Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów;;
- "Those Near and Far Away" - "Art Galeria" in Szczecinek;
- Bergen op Zoom /Holland/;
1999-2000 - "To Your Neighbour... 2000" - "STUDIO" Gallery, Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, City of Gdańsk History Museum, Archdiocese Museum in Wrocław, "Artemis" Gallery in Cracow, Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów;
2001-2002 - "To Your Neighbour... 2002" - "Zachęta" Gallery in Warsaw, "Arsenał" City Gallery in Poznań, Archdiocese Museum in Wrocław, Art Palace in Cracow, Museum of Art in Łódź, Wanda Siemaszkowa Theatre in Rzeszów;
- 30th Annuary of "Zapiecek" Gallery;
2005-2006 - Exhibitions in "Ideal" Hotel in Pruszków.

Dorota Dziekiewicz-Pilich's sculptures are part of many private collections both in Poland and abroad, including Germany, Holland, France and Malta.

In December, 1996, she won the competition for the design of the statuette of "Fryderyk" - the award of the Polish Phonographic Academy.

On April 20, 1997, her sculpture "Little Violin Player" was handed by the then president of Warsaw Marcin Święcicki to the best Polish performer in the Tadeusz Wroński International Violin Solo Competition in Warsaw.

Dorota Dziekiewicz-Pilich's rich artistic output includes:

the statuette which is the prize in the television contest "Our Man in the Office", patronised by the Speaker of the Polish Seym;
a bronze plaque in commemoration of gen. Kazimierz Sosnkowski in the Polish Army Field Cathedral at Długa St. in Warsaw;
two statuettes for the renowned financial company Deloitte & Touche;
a statuette on the 135th anniversary of Community Banking in Poland for the BGŻ bank;
1st prize in the competition for the statuette of the city of Bytów (project realised);
occasional medals for the newspaper "Gazeta Rolnicza" and the television programme "Dom otwarty";
a medal on the 80th anniversary of granting civic rights to Pruszków;
a medal on the 80th anniversary of granting civic rights to Otwock;
a badge with the Otwock heraldic arms for the local municipality;
a medal on the 40th anniversary of the Pruszków Building Society;
a bronze plaque and a medal for the Władysław Broniewski 8th Elementary School in Pruszków.

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